Recently Lenze separated their brakes division ‘Lenze Bremsen GmbH’ into a new company and this new company goes by the brand name of Intorq. Lenze no longer manufactures these products. In accordance with its background, INTORQ continues to set the international standard for brakes and clutches. Identical products with the same designations and order numbers as those of Lenze are now available from INTORQ. Internationally Intorq continues to work closely with the worldwide sales organization and service teams of Lenze.



    As INTORQ uses the Lenze sales and service network, Lenze India has appointed us as the distributors for INTORQ brakes and clutches. It is therefore our endeavor to make available these brakes ready stock along with the expected sales and service efficiently.


 INTORQ - a brief overview  
    Entire erstwhile Lenze brakes and clutches product range available.  
     Products: electromagnetic brakes and clutches  
     500,000 units annually  
 Turnover 30 m. Euro
     Market leader in Europe  
    Accredited to DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 14001  


 Intorq brakes offer tremendous functionality and wide application like :  
    Brake motors  
     Industrial trucks  
     Wood working machines  
     Stage machinery  
     Vehicles for the disabled  
     Automation technology  
     Drives with controlled torque  
     Gate drives  
  4  The Intorq product range includes :  

  Modular Spring operated brakes- Intorq BFK458


Our modular system forms the basis of a product programme that can be adapted to suit practically any application. The BFK458 spring operatedbrake is a standard product that can be used anywhere, but its modular design means it can also be used for special applications. Its versatility is its strength.



     Braking torque: 2–600 Nm  
     9 sizes in CSA-CUS design  
     DC voltages: 24, 103, 180, 205 V  
     Thermal class F (155 C)  
     Preset air gap  
     Braking torque can be reduced (module E)  
     Long rotor/hub guide with low rate of wear  
     Manual release facilities for all sizes  
     Air gap and wear monitoring (optional)  
   Application areas  
    Brake motors, cranes, warehousing, wood working machines, industrial trucks, stagemachinery, vehicles for the disabled and escalators.  
   Compact and easily installed- INTORQ BFK457  

In many applications, all that is required of the brake is that it fulfils its basic function. For such situations the BFK457 is just the job. The fact that it can also be installed quickly using the integral fixing screws and fixed air gap makes this spring-operated brake even more attractive.

     Braking torque: 0.12–125 Nm  
     9 sizes  
     DC voltages: 24, 205 V  
     Thermal class F (155 C)  
     Compact construction with rotor and flange  
     Integral fixing screws for quick and easy installation  
     Fixed air gap  
     Noise-reduced double spring-operated brake <50 dB(A)  
   Application areas  
    Small motors, vehicles for the disabled, wood working machines, automation systems and general mechanical engineering  
   Multipole Spring operated brakes- Intorq BFK468  

High-performance drives are generating ever higher motor speeds and drive torques. Although performance requirements are increasing, less and less space is available for the brake. The INTORQ spring operated brake for high-performance applications is the BFK468. The innovative multipole technology allows it to be released through a large air gap, even when forces are high.

     Spring-operated brake with multipole system  
     Up to twice the braking torque compared to the BFK458  
     Fixed or adjustable braking torque  
     “Cold brake” by holding current derating  
     Short operating times on AC side  
     Large working air gap means long maintenance intervals  
   Multi-pole spring-operated brake, the solution for direct drives in passenger lifts-BFK466  

Direct drives for modern hoists demand brakes with high braking torques, short response times and low-noise operation. The multipole BFK466 satisfies all these requirements and can also be adapted to the contour of the motor.

     Spring-operated brake in the form of a caliper  
     For multiple and redundant arrangements  
     High braking torque and large working air gap  
     Release without residual torque and quiet operation  
     Optimal contour adaptation to the design of the motor  
     High magnetic forces caused by overexcitation when releasing  
     “Cold brake” through holding current derating  
     Air gap or wear monitoring using micro switch  
   Brakes for Safe raising and lowering of hoists- Intorq BFK454  

This dual-circuit spring-operated brake is specially designed for geared motors in lift applications. It ensures safe operation as a holding brake and for emergency stop duties. It is TV tested and satisfies the TRA200 requirements for hoists.

     Braking torque: 15–400 Nm  
     7 sizes  
    Small unit volumes with 80 % redundant braking torque  
     Low motor moment of inertia  
     Adjustable braking torque  
    Simple maintenance and monitoring of dual-circuit function  
   Application areas  
     Lifts, hoists  
   Spring operated brakes for servo Motors: BFK418  

Servo drives require holding brakes that have short operating times and very little torsional backlash. The temperature-resistant friction linings of the brakes are also ideally suited to handle emergency stops from high speeds. This makes the low-cost BFK418 a viable alternative to permanent magnet brakes, and not just froma technical point of view.

     Braking torque: 5–150 Nm  
     Little torsional backlash  
     Low moment of inertia compared to permanent magnet brakes  
     Simple installation thanks to threaded holes in stator  
     Preset working air gap  
     Large shaft diameters possible  
   Application areas  
    Servo motors  
   Electromagnetic clutch and brake: INTORQ 14.105 and 14.115  

In machines that have a centralised drive, electromagnetic clutches and brakes control the speeds of lower-level drive assemblies. INTORQ products are characterised by short operating times, low motor moment of inertia and torque transfer with no torsional backlash.

    Clutch and braking torques from 7.5–480 Nm  
     7 sizes  
    DC voltage: 24 V  
     Thermal class B (130 C)  
     Torque transfer with no torsional backlash  
     Wide range of applications thanks to the various types of magnet and armature element  
     Short operating times and low motor moment of inertia mean high switching frequencies  
   Application areas  
    Packaging machines, mechanical and apparatus engineering, gates, folding and printing machinery.  
   Clutch-brake combinations  

Clutch-brake combinations are frequently used in switched-mode systems with synchronous drive speeds. They are very rugged and easy to maintain.

    Characteristic torques of 7.5–120 Nm    
     Brake and clutch mounted in a housing    
     Rapid acceleration and deceleration at constant motor speed    

Easy to maintain as result of patented wear compensation system

     Available with motor and gearbox from the Lenze programme    
   Application areas  
      Packaging and labelling machines, filling plants, mechanical and apparatus engineering  
   Electronic control for variable braking- Intorq control  

Spring-operated brakes basically work on the on/off principle. The mechatronic INTORQ Control braking system enables the braking torque to be applied very precisely and adapted to the dynamic response of the drive. The ideal combination of mechanics and electronics.

     Variable braking torque M = 20–100 % Mk  
     DC voltages: 24 , 48 V and mains-operated  
     CAN bus for flexible networking  
   Operating modes  
     Pedal-operated brakes (manual input of braking torque)  
    Ramp-controlled brakes (time-controlled input of braking torque)  
     Sensor-controlled brakes (load-dependent input of braking torque)  
     Speed-controlled brake (stopping time independent of load and speed)  
   Other electrical accessories  
     High-speed switchgear  
     Electronic switchgear  
     Half-wave and bridge rectifiers  
    Spark suppressors  
   Application areas  

 Industrial trucks, escalators, cranes and automation technology