Lenze AG, Germany is a world leader in the automation industry with a product profile which covers everything from the o/p shaft of the motors to the user interface. With a history of over 50 years, Lenze is now company of over 466.2 million euro and a market leader across the world/Europe. They also have one the best international sales and service network globally and have their presence in almost 50 major countries till date. Lenze products are therefore renowned globally for their functionality, technical superiority, quality, and reliability.

Lenze offers a complete one-stop-solution to their clients. The product range includes offers Gearboxes, Geared-motors, AC induction motors, a vast range of Variable frequency drives and Servo systems as major products. With a clear focus on working together with OEM clients and helping them develop more efficient, more functional products adding more value-for-money. In addition to this Lenze offers world-class technical support and services to its clients.

In 2005, Lenze started with operations in India, through their 100% subsidiary in India, Lenze Mechatronics Pvt. Ltd.



We have been appointed as distributors for Lenze Make IEC Standard AC induction motors. Looking at our manufacturing capacity, as well as our history of system integration, we are also the authorized system integrators for Lenze, India.

It is our endeavor to make Lenze motors/products available ready stock as well as offering value addition to Lenze drives and motors with services like System design and integration into complete panel.


 LENZE Automation products  

Lenze portfolio consists of a complete range of products, which are tailor-made to suit various applications. This means that you get products that cater exactly to your needs, which reduces cost and improves usability. The product range involves



 LENZE Drives :  

smd/tmd frequency inverters

Compact frequency inverter for

straightforward applications
Power range 0.25 to 22 kW
Operating modes V/f linear, sensorless
   vector control
Pluggable memory module (EPM)
8200 vector frequency inverter

Modular frequency inverter

Power range 0.25 to 90 kW
Sensorless vector control
Overload capacity of up to 180%
Switching frequencies 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 kHz
Fieldbus communication
9300 vector frequency inverter

For demanding applications

Power range 0.37 to 500 kW
Freely configurable function block  structure
Vector control with and without
encoder feedback
Control via digital inputs/outputs
and/or fieldbus
 8200 motec frequency inverter

Power range 0.25 to 7.5 kW
Sensorless vector control
Wall or motor mounting
High degree of operational reliability
  thanks to thermally independent system
Handling of process signals
9300 servo inverter

Intelligent servo inverter

Power range 0.37 to 75 kW
Single axis and multi-axis applications
Control via digital inputs/outputs
and/or fieldbus
Freely configurable function block
structure or programmable in accordance
with IEC 61131-3
CAN interface as standard
Comprehensive encoder interfaces
ECS servo system

Compact multi-axis system with central supply featuring high dynamic drive performance

Power range 1.1 to 13.8 kW
Overload capacity of up to 300%
Safe torque off
Choice between built-in units, pushthrough
technique or cold plate units
Control via digital inputs/outputs
and/or fieldbus
Two integrated CAN interfaces
L-force Servo Drives 930 fluxxtorque

Power range 0.14 to 0.5 kW

Reduced wiring requirements
Naturally ventilated, no fan
Compact design
Integrated positioning control
Control via digital inputs/outputs and/or fieldbus
Can be installed without a control cabinet, IP55
L-force 930 Servo Drives

Multi-axis and single-axis operation,high degree of functionality even if
space is limited

Power range 600 W
Integrated positioning control
Resolver or absolute value encoder
Control via digital inputs/outputs
and/or fieldbus
L-force 94 and 940 Servo Drives

Easy to use

Power range 0.25 to 2.2 kW
Overload capacity of up to 300%
Pluggable memory module (EPM)
Integrated operating unit
Positioning control (940)
L-force 9400 servo system

intelligent servo drive system

Power range 0.37 to 30 kW
Single axis and multi-axis applications
Freely configurable function block structure
Comprehensive encoder interfaces
Control via digital inputs/outputs
and/or fieldbus
Comprehensive communication interfaces
Modular safety engineering
Innovative backplane system
 starttec motor starter

Motor starter
Power range 0.25 to 4.0 kW
Integrated brake control
Integrated motor protection
Wall or motor mounting
2-motor operation


 LENZE AC Motors :  
     Lenze offers a wide range of 3 phase IEC standard AC induction motors.

      From 60W to 300kW.
  Totally enclosed fan-cooled
      AC asynchronous motors with IP55 or P54 protection degree and class F insulation.
      The motors with removable feet available
      Aluminum-alloy die-casting upto 11kW.
      Class F insulation.  
      B3, B14, B35 and B36 mounting  
      2, 4, 6 pole motors as standard. 8 and 10 Pole motors also possible.  
      Vibration limit: standard N With S as optional  
      Brakes, encoder, fans and resolver option available  


 LENZE Servo Motors :

SDSGS synchronous servo motors

Ideal for distributed applications

Can optionally be combined with a
servo controller to create an integrated drive
  Different variants for extra-low voltage
24 V/42 V DC applications
  Application-specific options
MCS synchronous servo motors

High-energy magnets

Innovative winding technology
Superb dynamic performance and power density
Robust structure
Generously dimensioned bearings for
long service life
Encapsulated stator
MCA asynchronous servo motors


Slimline design
High power
  High power density and dynamic performance
  Extensive field weakening range
MDFQA asynchronous servo motors

Through blown

High power density and dynamic
  Power range up to 95 kW
  Extensive field weakening range
MDSLS servo spindle motor

High axial force with compact

High-energy magnets
  Integrated ball screw drive
  Strokes up to 170 mm



 LENZE Gearboxes and Geared Motors ...
G-motion standard geared motors

Helical gearbox GST
Shaft-mounted helical gearbox GFL
Helical-bevel gearbox GKS
Helical-worm gearbox GSS
Bevel gearbox GKR
Wide torque range
Various designs
Finely stepped gear ratios
Many of mounting options with different shaft and flange designs
GKK bevel gearbox

The ideal companion in scenarios
where a manual operation is required as an alternative to motor operation

  Disconnect clutch
  Typically: monorail overhead conveyors
GPA planetary gearbox


Ideal for applications where a
high degree of accuracy and dynamic performance is required
compact design
Minimal backlash
High rigidity


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