OSRAM Gmbh-Germany is one of the top lighting manufacturing globally. They have a history of over 100 years of being the pioneering company in the lighting industry. With its innovative technologies and solutions, OSRAM is continually committed to providing high-class lighting solutions to the world.

OSRAM has a world-class sales and service network catering to customers in over 140 countries. OSRAM has a presence in 50 countries with sales offices in 99 countries. They have 54 factories in 18 countries. With their highly developed sales logistics and order processing, OSRAM products are deliver at the right time, at the right place throughout the world.



    OSRAM have their presence in India as OSRAM India Pvt. Ltd. We are the largest distributors for OSRAM XBO Xenon Short arc Lamps in India. OSRAM XBO lamps are our recommended make of lamps for all our ZENARC projection lighting system. In our experience as manufacturers of lighting equipment for cinemas, these lamps give the longest life with the highest reliability with the highest as well as the most consistent light output. And therefore, these lamps are effectively cheaper and offer more value-for-money than all other brands in the same range.


 OSRAM XBO xenon short arc lamps :
     Very high luminance (point light source)  
     Daylight colour temperature of approx. 6000 K  
     Continuous spectrum in the visible range  
     High colour rendering index (Ra > 95)  
     Constant light colour throughout the life of the lamp  
     High arc stability  
     Hot restart capability  
     Instant light on starting  
 Long life


 OSRAM offers a full range of products :
     General lighting service lamps.
     Tungsten Halogen Lamps.
     Compact Fluorescent lamps.
     Discharge Lamps.
     Special purpose Lamps.
     Display and signal lamps.
 LED modules and Electronic control gear for lighting.
     Industrial Lamp:
     Lamps for cinema industry